NEO Object Storage Services

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Updated at February 10th, 2021

NEO Object Storage or storage base on the object is a general term that refers to the way we are building and work with storage units called objects. Just like files, objects including data. The difference with files, data on objects are not arranged hierarchically. Each object contains the following three components, they are:

  • The data itself, this data can be anything you saved, such as pictures, music, videos, documents etc.
  • Metadata, there is information contextual about what is data, what is it for, its confidentiality or everything relevant to the data in used.
  • Global Unique Identifier, it is the address given to an object so that the object will find data in a distributed system. On this way, the object will find the data without having to look at the physical location of the data.

Beside that Object Storage, we known another type of storage as Block Storage. Block storage is a type of storage that is a general use to most of the application. Block storage is usually formatted with a System files like a FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, and EXT4 and can be installed on an Operating system as if it is a Physical disk.

Block storage provides a fixed size raw storage capacity and in addition. Block storage divides files into blocks of the same size and each block has its own address. Every storage volume can be treated as an independent disk drive and controlled by the external server operating system. More information about  NEO Object Storage is supported all API S3 enabled applications and provides unlimited scalability, multi-data storage, and fully automated data tiering. Object storage guarantees better performance with unlimited scalability and very flexible because it can change storage capacity at any time as needed. Designed with strong data protection and high redundancy so that stored data becomes more be secure.

The problem solving by NEO Object Storage Services

NEO Object storage is an ideal way to solving data growth problem. As more data have been proceed, system storage must growing with the same rate as the data itself. Beside that, object storage very efficient for data in read action oftenly but rarely process in write action. It’s very precise to using as storage files like music, picture, and Video File which can be accessed. According to the functional that already mention before, object storage also can be used for storage files like Web static content, backup file dump database and log files.

Object storage only can be accessed, when Object storage connecting to the Operating System. However the data saved on the device Object Storage, which consists of Object data and Metadata that can be directly accessed by Rest API.

The advantage using Object storage is data keep secure. If one or more nodes failed, data still available using Cluster System. Object Storage designed in distributed to high availability and durability so that can protect data from Hardware Failure although Bad Sector.

Because of the Object Storage action as read mode and rarely action as write mode, it is not suitable for application like DBMS, because this application needing I/O performance consistency. Besides that, Object storage not suitable for application require process on the server like Java, PHP and. NET also for applications like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft.

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