How to Enable Syslog Edge on Gio Public v2

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Updated at July 26th, 2022

Syslog on Edge is used to be able to see Edge activities on vCloud services. To enable Syslog on Edge, it is necessary to set up a syslog server. Make sure the server already has a network and is configured on Edge.

Here are the steps to enable Syslog:

1. Check the status of the rsyslog service with the command :

# systemctl status rsyslog

2. Configure the rsyslog daemon as the center of the log server. So that server logs can be received by external clients. Change to /etc/rsyslog.conf using your favorite command editor eg "vim".

# vim /etc/rsyslog.conf

Change the line in the section marked in red by removing the (#) sign. Then save.

3. Then restart the rsyslog with the command : 

# systemctl restart rsyslog
# systemctl status rsyslog

4. Return to vCloud portal and select Edge menu >> select Edge >> Service >> Edge Settings. Enter the syslog server IP. For example:

5. Make sure the firewall rule is enabled on the Enable logging menu. 

6. Then select the NAT menu and select the NAT rule you want to activate. For example: DNAT rules for SSH.

7. To test if syslog is active and successful, you can use the command:

# tail -f /var/log/messages

By default the rsyslog service is available on Centos/RHEL 7 OS. 
If you don't want to enable syslog, just enable it on the firewall rule.

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