Creating First Neo Object Storage

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Updated at February 14th, 2021

Creating First NEO Object Storage

NEO Object Storage is a web service that is used to store and retrieve data from anywhere using the native web protocol. Each object usually consists of the data itself, a number of metadata variables, and a unique identifier. Here's how to create NEO Object Storage via

  1. Login into Dashboard your NEO Cloud.
  2. Please Click The menu Catalog. At the NEO Flex Storage menu, choose Object Storage.

    3. Input name and capacity of NEO Object Storage.

    4. It will show a preview from Object Storage which was created.

    5. Next, you will see the total price of NEO Object Storage per month which will be billed directly to the active payment method.

    6. NEO Object Storage was successfully created.

    7. You can check the NEO Storage service that was created earlier on the Dashboard tab.

    8. You can view details of Endpoints, Buckets and others by clicking on the Object Storage that has been created.


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