Introduction to Neo Object Storage Bucket

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Updated at February 14th, 2021

NEO Object Storage stores multiple files with unlimited scalability. To be able to save these files, we must create a container at the beginning called a bucket. Bucket is a place to store all files stored in NEO Object Storage.

Create Bucket

1. To start creating a Bucket, select the Object Storage that was created previously and then select the Bucket tab. In the right hand column, click New Bucket.

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2. Enter a name for the Bucket to be created.

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Create Folder

1.To create a folder in the Bucket, click Create Folder. Enter a name for the folder to be created. After that, click Save.

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2. After that, you will see a list of folders that have been successfully created.

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Remove Folder

1. To delete a folder, click the Delete icon to the right of the folder.

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2. Select Yes on the pop-up confirmation to delete the folder.

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Remove Bucket

1. To delete a bucket, select Delete Bucket. Beforehand, make sure all folders and files have been deleted.

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2. If you are sure you want to delete the Bucket, click Delete.

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